This information relates to Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption only. Most policies will include travel delay coverage due to a mandatory evacuation.

Cancellation coverage is provided in the event of a complete cessation of either a common carrier (ticketed public transport) or travel supplier (hotel, condo manager etc.) or your accommodation at destination being rendered uninhabitable by weather. Check individual policies to determine which of the above scenarios is covered as this denotes whether mandatory evacuation coverage is included or not.

Complete cessation of common carrier usually means the airport has to be closed for a certain number of hours in order for a claim to be valid. If your accommodation is under a mandatory evacuation order and the airport stays open you cannot make a claim.

Complete cessation of travel supplier usually means the hotel, condo or other accommodation has to be unavailable for a certain number of hours in order to claim. In this instance, you would be able to claim for a mandatory evacuation because your travel supplier can no longer provide you with accommodation. This coverage is only available if the accommodation is provided by a company licensed to provide that service.

Accommodation being rendered uninhabitable means your hotel, condo etc. either flooding or damaged so much you cannot continue to stay there.