Baggage Coverage Limitations

Every comprehensive policy provides coverage for lost, stolen or damaged baggage while you travel. You can of course view each package's baggage limitations by clicking on the dollar amount for baggage on any given policy, but here are a few things to keep in mind while you review your options:

Baggage Loss Coverage

Coverage for loss of your baggage and personal effects can be purchased as part of a travel insurance Comprehensive Plan, or in some cases, with specific travel medical plans and annual memberships. This type of travel insurance coverage provides reimbursement for luggage as well as for any items of yours that are lost or stolen while you're traveling. Baggage and personal effects coverage is typically secondary coverage, which means that it will act to supplement any reimbursements offered by a common carrier (such as an airline that loses your bags) or by your homeowner's insurance.

Important things to note when researching Baggage Loss Coverage include: